Hi Friends!Today's my birthday!!I had a different post intended for today,but I really felt the need to share this today!!!

A Small but Important Life Lesson

As I celebrate being on this Earth for now 28 years,I just want to share a very important lesson that I have finally learned (and will probably re-learn in the future).You areYOUand that's your super power.No one elsecan do the things that you do,the way you are doing them.If we all truly embrace our unique God given talents and powers,then we can do wonders.

Comparison,and how to kick it

Comparing myself to others is something I've been struggling with,especially while my foot has been broken.I wasn't going to share it because it's a bit embarrassing,but I figure why not?If it helps you to realise that you shouldn't compare then it'll be worth it.I've been comparing myself to not only others,but my former myself.It was really pulling me down moodwise and is one of the reasons why if you follow me on Instagram,you may realise I haven't shared much outside of speeches and posts.

That all shifted about 1 am into my birthday today.My inner mentor kicked into gear,I gave myself a pep talk and I honestly feel clearer right now than I have felt all of 2019.Also,I watched some older videos of mine and I realised man,I have GROWN.I not only got a little laugh out of the difference,I got a wave of acceptance.I will never be the"old"Jessica and that's good because I want to always be growing!!Not just age wise,but personally,in my work,and I have grown at the right pace.I have grown at the pace meant for my life.My life is the life I should be focusing on and paying attention to,and that's exactly my plan for my 28th year.

Poetic Reminders

If you're currently struggling too with comparing your life position to that of others,remember,you were created perfectly,with no flaws and no mistakes,but just as YOU were supposed to be.You are exactly where you should be right now.There's are two poems by Rupi Kaur,my favourite poet,that sums this up perfectly:

First,my favourite:

The universe took its time on you

Crafted you to offer the world

Something different from everyone else

When you doubt

How you were created

You doubt an energy greater than us both


Rupi Kaur,The Sun and Her Flowers

Second,a new life motto:

I will no longer

compare my path to others

-I refuse to do a disservice to my life

Rupi Kaur,The Sun and Her Flowers

A Shift: Gratitude

Remember,,comparisontrulyis the thief of joyas Teddy Roosevelt said.Something that has helped is a practice of gratitude which I'll admit I haven't done as much as I used too.I want to put out a positive message that we all instead focus on all the amazing things in our life and re-read our accomplishments.Seriously,make a list of ALL the things you've accomplished in the last month,year,or life,whichever format fits you.Then when you're feeling down,read it.Remember it.Recite it.You are great.You are enough.

Have an amazing day friends!!

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  1. Lorraine says:

    Happy Birthday!!Thank you for sharing the beautiful thoughts.May this be the beginning of a peaceful,powerful and bountiful year!!

  2. Beth says:

    A very beautiful post.I am 75 years old and can still learn from others.I love your 金宝博体育recipes too.

    • Claudia says:

      Have a wonderful birthday and healthy recovery!I love your energy and wonderful website!🙂

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you so much Beth and thank you so much for being here!!!

  3. randy thill says:

    Well,I'll be!Happy Birthday,Jessica.I'm glad you're opening up again and seeing the future as a path waiting for you to bring your changes into.Funny,my post from DAILY OM gave me a message akin to yours.An affirmation for you and a way to help you get past those times you just can't seem to get things going:
    Stagnation is often a sign that great changes are on the horizon.Courting the change you wish to see in yourself and in the world around you is a matter of acknowledging that only change begets change.The results you so ardently want to realize are well within the realm of possibility,and you need only step away from the well-worn circular path to explore the untried paths that lie beyond it.
    I have never thought of you as a person in need of pushing,but then,I've only"known"you for a month.Your outgoing personality lets me know you are bound to move in a good direction!!

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Randy,,

      Thank you so much for your comment!It really made me smile on my birthday and was so helpful!You're right,I don't usually need pushing so seems you do"know"me well!Thank you for this advice and I will continue to push ahead and looking forward tot he great things on the horizon!!Wishing you well!!!

  4. Jill says:

    Happy Birthday!🥳🎈🎉.28 just a baby!!!You are right you can't compare yourself with anyone,because you are one of a kind!Always try to be the best you,that you can be,kind,caring,loving,forgiving!Have a blessed Birthday!!!!

  5. Shannon Briggs says:

    Happy Birthday!Thank you for sharing your thoughts.You are beautiful and so radiant.I love your 金宝博体育recipes.

    • Jessica says:

      Aww thank you so much Shannon that's so sweet of you!!So happy you love my 金宝博体育recipes!!

  6. Suzanne Johansson says:

    Happy Birthday Jessica!You are wise beyond your years.Thanks for sharing.

  7. phyllis says:

    OMG: HAPPY BIRTHDAY how old did you say you just turned????Are you sure???Your wisdom is so inspirational for such a young chippy.I wish i lived next door and could be your friend.God bless you.

    • Jessica says:

      Aww haha thank you so much Phyllis!!That means a lot.Oh that would be amazing if you lived next door,I would love that!God bless you too!!!

  8. Jessica says:

    OMG – Greetings,Jessica – it's Jessica from DC.I want to wish my fellow Pisces sister a WONDERFUL Born-Day!Yup – that's right – we share a b-day month and zodiac (mine was March 10th).I love the poetry and the sentiment of this post.May you have a great day,year and for-eva!!

    • Jessica says:

      Aww thank you so much Jessica and I hope you had the best birthday ever!!!Sending you lots of love!!<3

  9. Lorraine Levy says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  10. Tiffany says:

    Happy birthday Jessica!This was such a beautiful post,and yes,Rupi Kaur is the best!!

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you so much Tiffany!!YES I love her so much!!!

      <3 Jessica

  11. Cindy says:

    Happy Birthday Jessica!Your wise beyond your years!An inspiration to us all!Wishing you an amazing 28th year with many more glorious years to come!🎂❣️🎉

    • Jessica says:

      Aww thank you so very much Cindy!!❣️🎉 That's so very kind of you and an honour to me.

      <3 Jessica

  12. Andrea says:

    Very nice post,thanks!Hope you enjoyed your birthday.

    • Jessica says:

      Aww thank you so much Andrea!!I really did!!

      <3 Jessica

  13. Lois K says:

    Belated happy birthday,Jessica.

    I enjoy your emails.I am definitely going to make the sticky Sesame cauliflower wings.I use the almond flour,as well as,other ingredients that you use.

    Thank you,so very much,for your emails!!

    I pray,that your birthday was a blessed one!!


    • Jessica says:

      Thanks so much Lois!!I hope you enjoy that recipe soo much!I haven't tried it with almond flour so I'm not sure the consistency of it,but I hope that it works for you!!

      You're so very welcome and thank you so much for your comment!!!

      <3 Jessica

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