五月快乐,friends and I'm back with another Out of the Kitchen post!A lot has happened since my last life update,which wason my birthday.It was difficult trying to figure out what to name this post,因为我在这里更深入。不管怎样,这是一个积极的职位,because I have been doingso比几年前好多了。This story is so much more than just changing my diet,it's about changing my life.朋友,this is a long one!我想先说这是一篇很难写的文章,因为这是我的生活,so I would appreciate love & kindness (especially since I may make a typo.写这篇文章的时候我哭了,因为它引起了太多的感情。我分享这个是因为我希望它能帮助别人,too.

一周前我分享了我终于fixed my sleep"on Instagram and I got an overwhelming amount of you guys saying"HOW?!“.While I was going to just casually share it,that response made me realise that this needed to be addressed in an entire post.答案很简单:我倾听我的身体,,最后,and it rewarded me with low anxiety,high energy,还有令人惊异的睡眠。I'm hoping that what I'm sharing will help you or someone in your life who might be going through something similar.Let's get into it.


As you guys may or may not know,我在2014年4月/5月正式成为素食者(因此,为什么杰西卡在厨房里开始工作!)188bet体育).Then I became vegan early last year.在那段时间里,我的健康有了长足的进步,这归功于我的生活方式。But then,a few things happened.我开始睡得很不好,so much so that I just became used to it.I got really into 188bet体育Jessica in the Kitchen and spent pretty much all of my time growing my brand.然后,我体重增加了,had energy fluctuations and because I work so late,I would eat late pretty often.

All in all,I kind of got used to this way of living.当你把所有的事情都放在自己的健康之上时,without even realising it.直到我打这封信,我才真正意识到这一点。I was working 90% of the time,吃任何方便的东西,睡眠不好。我不再照顾自己了。Now,the funny thing is that I wasn't eating fast food or drinking soda or any typical"习惯”.

Pretty tired of feeling this way,in January I put on my goal list to"meal prep at least three salads a week"“30 minutes of exercise,starting with 3 times a week"和“have some greens daily"and I just left those there.Little did I know that was my body's way of screaming at me for help.

I began to have每天头疼,,向我妈妈抱怨,我一直觉得自己很虚弱,很虚弱。我有无数的恐慌症,first one a week,then up to so many a week that I was just crying all the time.Now,我已经5年没有恐慌发作了,for context.All in all,我觉得自己不像杰西卡。如果你读过我的年度词汇博客帖子then you know that my word is SEEK,我已经在很多方面寻找,并准备好迎接更多。


然后我摔断了脚,,again.It felt like the worst possible timing,我确实有很多话要说。I began to accept it as a part of my path.Long story short – there is a strong possibility,no,担保,打断我的腿是我寻找道路的直接部分。As I found out a few weeks later,breaking my leg basically saved my life.

When I started doing physiotherapy for my leg,my physiotherapist took my blood pressure.现在我一直有110/80,这就像我多年来的标准。那天我的血压是179/90.We both looked at each other and noted that something must have been off.I told her that earlier that day I spilled water all over my laptop and had yet another panic attack,and was wondering if that had raised it.She said likely but not that high.We took it again and it was about154/83.这对我来说是难以置信的,但我们继续了会议。

一周后我们又做了一次,现在149/80页+.朋友。这些是高血压测量。I called my doctor who was in the loop and long story short,我继续服用抗焦虑药物,这也会降低我的血压。This was really a wake up call for me,as I wondered when did I get so wrapped up in work that I had forgotten to take care of me,Jessica.我们拿到药了(我还没吃),那天晚上,当我睡着的时候,我听到一个声音。“check your multivitamins“.I fell asleep and woke up and it was the very first thing on my mind.

You see,我在今年1月初开始服用一种新的复合维生素,the same month I began getting those daily headaches,脆弱的感情等等。我检查了我的维生素,发现维生素D含量很高。To be honest,I didn't think much of it until I began to Google search"维生素D与高血压.论坛of women were talking about how their new vitamins had spiked their blood pressure levels.I began to freak out,yet feel relieved at the same time.I decided to stop taking my vitamins that same day.那天晚上晚些时候我们买了一台血压计,测量了我的血压。It was a perfect120/80.Just like that – in 24 hours.No dietary changes,没有药,nothing.Just removed my vitamins.

ETA: I'm not on any medication for either my anxiety or blood pressure (a few of you were asking so clarifying this!)当我停止服用维生素时,它(尖峰)立即消失了。

I noticed that my headaches and weak feelings had also stopped by the next day.As it turns out,the high blood pressure was causing these things.很欣慰地知道它马上就消失了,and that I wasn't actually hypertensive,but also terrifying.I had felt all those symptoms,for months,and didnothing.I kept working,一直熬夜,kept crying,and kept going.我要在这里说。Do not希望任何人都能照顾你的身体,除了你。当然,你可以有爱的人,他们会尽力帮助你,但如果你觉得有问题,only YOU can decide to check it out.As someone who hasn't been to a doctor's office in years,如果我没有摔断腿,I would've never known what was going on.

不用说,这导致了一个立即的决定:我需要照顾杰西卡,andnow.If I don't do it,who will?不再有无尽的深夜,没有了”职业第一”,no more.Knowing that I could've had a stroke at such a young age kicked me immediately into gear.


去年在以色列,我注意到我每天都要搬家,吃了很多食物,我回家减肥。My anxiety was almost at naught,我睡得好极了,一整天都精力充沛。我们都很困惑。我是说,I吃了。当时我不知道,但现在我明白了:我基本上吃了lower carb,高脂肪饮食。

我被教导high carb,low fat"diet is a good thing.避免脂肪,关注好的碳水化合物,and you'll be fine!除了一路上我的甜牙踢了进来。另外,我对素食汉堡的热爱意味着很多汉堡包。吃很多素食甜点(悲伤,最好的那种!),enjoying my many grilled cheese sandwiches,自制披萨,and waffles and pancakes for breakfasts.对,all my 金宝博体育recipes are on the healthier side,and there's nothing wrong withanyof the above.许多人都喜欢高碳水化合物的生活方式。I was not.For my body and my anxiety,this amount of carbs wasn't giving me the energy I needed.The funny thing is,I've never had an issue with overeating.事实上,当我开始跟踪我的饮食时,我意识到我每天都缺少卡路里。

我遇到一个Youtuber的页面who shares similar mental issues as myself and I was intrigued.As far as I'm concerned,she's a God-sent for me.She shared her fitness journey and how eating a"higher fat,低碳”diet helped her anxiety a lot.I didof reading and research and decided to give it a go.这是我实验周的菜单:

First,lettuce leaf tacos.Delicious,我觉得很轻,但很饱。我做了些什锦布丁准备吃饭,下一道菜是豆腐沙拉,里面有很多我自己做的。harissa tahini dressing这是我生日(一个月前)前第一次吃沙拉,味道很好。The next day I had a gluten free veggie burger,,za'atar cauliflower午餐吃沙拉。That same day I dropped my crutch and said enough is enough,I'm ready to walk (with the approval of my physiotherapist of course).That night for dinner I had a bit of quinoa,烤豆腐,很多菠菜,半个鳄梨洒上芝麻和一些高脂肪,good protein vegan cheese.我觉得,,different.Energised.I forgot about my anxiety – it was no longer haunting my every thought.That night I– ALL NIGHT.I was convinced.

So,我改变了我的饮食。Yes I'm still 100% vegan,in fact I'm now also incredibly plant based!我把饮食改成低碳水化合物,高脂肪饮食。这与断断续续的禁食相结合,简直是荒谬的,无法理解地改变了我的生活。现在我基本上把我的能源从碳水化合物转换成了健康的脂肪。我有更多的鳄梨,flax seeds,hemp seeds and walnuts than I ever have.I may actually finish my bag of chia seeds before they expire!我的睡眠非常好。My energy levels have skyrocketed.一整天都不要滴。No eating a lot of white carbs and lots of sugar first thing in the morning then crashing around 4pm,只是在晚上9点遇到第二阵风,继续前进。It's shocking to me how much my body positively adapted in only three weeks so far.

Now,我试了一个星期的纯素番茄酱,虽然对我来说太严格了,it was a great starter week.It really boosted me into recognising just how GREAT I could feel to be ALIVE!我还会吃我的红薯,and my organic homemade popcorn and my quinoa,but also far more vegetables too.我吃了更多的羽衣甘蓝、花椰菜、生菜、蘑菇和所有其他令人惊奇的蔬菜,而我整个时间都是素食主义者和素食主义者。Wow I mean,好像我对生活有了新的看法。Even better,新的生活租约。Funny enough too,一切都更甜蜜。We've had to decrease the sugar in my matcha because it was tasting too sweet for me.I've started to just have my matcha with my protein powder on workout days.I feel like Jessica again.


虽然我想在几个月后用一个单独的帖子来讨论这个问题,这样我就可以更好地分享这个细节了,intermittent fasting is now a daily part of my life.The late night eating was severely affecting my sleep apparently (as I learned going out late with friends one night in the middle of this and the difference that made to sleep).It has helped to curb my sweet tooth severely,我的感激之情和对我的祝福给予了很大的帮助。Long story short for:睡觉前不要吃东西。Let your body rest,refuel and focus on giving you a great sleep.I love what Elsa's Wholesome Lifewrites about intermittent fasting如果你现在想读的话。


所有这些导致了一个更重要的事情:我已经开始了背部锻炼。That's an update for a few months down the line,but when I say I have my life back,I really mean it.Although I take a rest day,我每天搬家。I do cardio I love,and I lift weights.I am recognising this amazing body and the strength it is equipped with,每天。My foot is still healing but it no longer bothers me.相反,我每次都很开心,因为它提醒我这就是我来这里的原因。

TL:DR: If you want a quick summary on this entire post,I:

  • Switched from a high carb,低脂肪生命到高脂肪,降低碳水化合物寿命。It's helped my mood,为了消除我的焦虑,and help me to focus on my life.之前,I used to get so many scary thoughts: I haven't had one since I started to do thisjusta few weeks ago.I check my macros now which has made eating so much easier,and ensure it's fats and protein,然后是碳水化合物。我现在依赖于复杂的碳水化合物,自从我开始这样做以来就没有简单的碳水化合物。这并不意味着我再也不会吃薯条了,但我专注于倾听我的身体和肠胃,并相应地喂养它。
  • I've been doingintermittent fasting大约三个星期了,更具体地说,是16:8(虽然大多数时候对我来说是18:6)。
  • 我又把锻炼作为我日常生活的一部分,for the first time since undergrad university.
  • 我通过适当地给我的身体补充所需的燃料来修复我的睡眠,创造一个不接近我睡眠时间的进食窗口。

I am so grateful for my work ethic that allowed me to grow a business to 100% sustain Gavin and I.It is an incredible blessing.That being said,I'm ready to enjoy my last two years of my 20's.Of course I know my life will only get better after 30,but I'm ready now.我决定减少我的博客日程。Believe it or not,我想在一月份和你们分享这个,但我太害怕了!我现在会posting twice a week.This also means even higher quality content – I can't wait to share!!

No,从现在起,我不打算在厨房里用杰西卡做每一个高脂肪低碳水化合物的食谱。188bet体育I will be incorporating a lot more of them now though,since that's how I'm trying to eat in general.它们还是很美味的,vegan and healthy and focus on health and nourishment.我知道你们很多人一直在要求更多像这样的食谱,金宝博体育so I can't wait to help you with that!Here are some of my current favourites:


Cauliflower Pizza Bites

Creamy Mushroom Soup


In conclusion..haha.Seriously though,我希望我的分享真的有助于激励你过上最美好的生活。A life with balance.A life with gratitude.We are growing every single day and we should recognise that in our own lives.也,remember to always take care of yourself.Love you all and thank you for reading!如果您有任何问题,请在下面告诉我!!



  1. Kath 说:

    恭喜你新找到的终身租约!我很喜欢读这个博客,对你了解得更好。感谢你把自己放在那里,分享你的健康之旅。祝你的健康继续改善。I look forward to more great 金宝博体育recipes from you.

    • Jessica 说:


      Thank you so very much!!I really appreciate your comment and I'm so happy you enjoyed reading my post!我肯定会分享更多的食谱!金宝博体育祝你一切顺利!!

  2. Pooja 说:

    Thank you for this post Jessica.I have been suffering from severe anxiety attacks myself and your post has given me a lot of food for thought.我计划从明天开始把这些变化融入我的生活。我已经一周锻炼三次了,睡觉前不吃东西,但是碳水化合物很低,高脂肪饮食对我来说是新的。I will start with that.Thank you so much for all the details,and I hope you continue feeling good everyday.
    完全不同的是,你的皮肤美极了。Would you consider doing a post on your skincare routine sometime?Lots of love – Pooja

    • Jessica 说:

      Hi Pooja,,

      It's so great to hear from you!I'm so sorry to hear that you've been growing through that!I really,真的希望这些改变能对你产生如此大的影响,and/or that you find something that makes a huge difference to help with the anxiety attacks.你太受欢迎了,我送你这么多的光和爱!!!


  3. Suzanne 说:

    感谢您分享您的旅程,杰西卡。有时我们听到我们应该/不应该做/吃什么,但真正看到我们的坏习惯或忽视我们在别处听到的健康建议需要了解某人的挑战。Eye opening – thank you.每天都为你感到越来越好而兴奋!!

    • Jessica 说:


      非常感谢您的评论!!That's so very true and I'm so happy that me sharing was really able to help!!再次感谢!!!

  4. Donna 说:


    感谢您分享您的旅程。It was beautiful,鼓舞人心,诚实。我不是素食主义者,但是我喜欢你的许多食谱。金宝博体育谢谢你这么可爱。You are a blessing.


    • Jessica 说:


      Aww thank you so very much!I appreciate your reading and I'm so glad that you're enjoying my 金宝博体育recipes!!祝你一切顺利!!!

  5. 斯蒂芬妮 说:

    这真的很鼓舞人心,Jessica!I have been feeling out of sorts for some time now and have visited my doctor regularly in the last few months without a specific outcome…
    Maybe i should change my diet… we eat a lot of carbs and do the midnight snacking too… will speak to my doctor about it!!
    Thanks for this honest post,i will be following along this journey of yours,seems there is a lot to learn here!!

    • Jessica 说:

      Hey Stefanie!!

      I'm so sorry to hear that you've been feeling that way!我希望,也许改变你的饮食真的会帮助你,或者你找到另一个答案,帮助极大!You're so welcome and thank you so much for reading!给你带来光明和爱!!

  6. Lisa Middlebrooks 说:

    I'm glad you are taking care of YOU and putting your health at the top of your ‘To Do' list.
    I enjoy your post and I enjoy to reading your post and trying your 金宝博体育recipes.所以让他们来吧

    • Jessica 说:

      哦,非常感谢丽莎和你的阅读!!I'm so happy that you're enjoying and I promise I'll keep them coming!♥️

  7. 说:

    感谢您分享您的故事。It is amazing that your inner voice gave you the answer you needed.我期待着你的美味食谱!金宝博体育!

    • Jessica 说:

      Aww thank you so much Jen and yes thank God for that inner voice!!I can't wait to share even more 金宝博体育recipes!!!

  8. 基姆 说:

    You look absolutely fabulous with purple hair😍

  9. 多萝西 说:

    Thank you for sharing your journey,this is definitely helping!!

  10. 杰西卡·席尔瓦 说:

    问候语,Jessica!It's Jessica from DC – I am REALLY inspired by your post!And I am also truly happy that you have found what works for you!我知道结合日常活动是我缺乏的一个领域,所以谢谢你提醒我这有多重要。Keep being positive and know that there is always an answer – and you've given a great message by reminding us to go internal and listen to the voice within Most people may be able to tell mis-truths to others,but there's only so long that one can lie to oneself.继续祝你身体健康,春天快乐!!

    • Jessica 说:


      Aww thank you SO much and that truly warms my heart to know that my post inspired you!!SO happy this was a great reminder and you're so right!!!Wishing you all the best,对你内心的声音是肯定的,也祝你春天快乐!!< 3

  11. Sarah Gensler 说:

    Thank you for that post.That kind of diet has always interested me but I never knew how to do it.So recipe post would help tremendously.I also just started my vegan diet at the first of the year and trying to lose weight,lower my cholesterol,还有血糖。再次感谢你给我的灵感和决心。

  12. 尼克尔 说:

    谢谢你的坦率和诚实。我确信我膝盖痛是因为饮食习惯不好和缺乏锻炼。我最近去了基托,可以证明我更精力充沛。I still struggle cause of.my sweet tooth but I am.not giving up.

    • Jessica 说:

      非常感谢妮可阅读和接收我的信息!I'm so happy that you are seeing the benefits of this style of eating.I believe in you and if you ever need to talk we can!!


  13. 詹恩 说:

    我喜欢读杰西卡!I have been doing intermittent fasting for a few months now and I'm loving it!!我真的很喜欢在中午之前不必考虑吃的东西,在那段时间里喝一两杯黑咖啡也不觉得难受。我每周也做两天低碳水化合物。I can't go fully low-carb,my body definitely needs the carbs to fuel me.I'm tracking my macros on all days and on low-carb days I eat about double the recommended fat to make up for the lack of energy from carbs.I have more energy than ever before and I've lost a lot of the bloat that I used to carry around.很高兴看到其他人也在这方面取得了成功!!

    • Jessica 说:

      嘿,詹!!!我很高兴你能从这种饮食方式中得到快乐!The bloat loss was so surprising for me too!非常感谢您的反馈!!

  14. Char 说:


in the kitchen everyday