15.Easy Ways To Use A Can of Chickpeas

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Wondering what to do with those canned chickpeas in your pantry? Here are 15 easy ways to use a can of chickpeas that are all different, unique, and delicious! From dips to whole meals, everything you need is here!

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If you were to ask my what my favourite legume was, I would 100%, without a doubt, say chickpeas. They are the powerhouse ingredient that keep our household going, being featured in at least one recipe every week, and sometimes up to four in our fridge.

事实上,这些“豆类”肯定是我所有时间最喜欢的食材。所以这对我有这么多人并不奇怪188bet 458 (而且,我迫切需要将我的新的Hummus食谱添加到博客上)。我甚至没有想到做这个综述,但我知道你们所有时间问我的问题之一是,

What can I do with a can of chickpeas?

我们曾经有那种鹰嘴豆坐在我们的食品室后面,所以我得到它。然而,现在,我们不断购买更多,因为我们如此迅速地通过它们。今天,我在这里分享你可以用鹰嘴豆做的所有事情。无论您是如何使用它们的完全无能为力,或者您对当前的Go-to Recipes无聊,您将找到您在此列表中享受的内容。金宝博体育

These BBQ Chickpea Wraps are an easy and quick lunch for work or meal on the go! They're swrved with a creamy ranch dressing and very filling! via //www.janhuus.com


鹰嘴豆是植物家庭Fabaceae的一部分,亚家族fabiodeae。它在蛋白质,纤维中很高,并且是超级营养的。它也被称为Garbanzo Beans!所以,如果你有没有想过“鹰嘴豆和鹰嘴豆和鹰嘴豆之间的不同,”他们是一样的!

One of the greatest things about these legumes is that it isincrediblyversatile. Thanks to its creamy texture after it is cooked, it can pretty much take on any shape that you want it to. The same goes for its flavour — chickpeas has a distinct yet semi-neutral flavour, perfect for anything from a vegan tuna sandwich to chickpea blondies.

最后一件事 - 伟大的辩论 - 罐装与干鹰嘴豆。我们总是在他们的罐头上有它们,因为它们很容易使用,就像你在杰西卡在厨房里知道,我都是关于分享简单,可靠和美味的食谱。188bet体育金宝博体育那个说,干燥的品种更便宜,而不是很难沸腾。只需确保您购买合适的类型(我不享受加拿大鹰嘴豆),并观看一些YouTube视频how to cookthem first!

我也得到了另一个问题是“是罐装鹰嘴豆煮熟的?” Yes, they are already cooked and ready to eat! You’ll just need to drain them and rinse before you use them for your recipe.

15.Easy Ways To Use A Can of Chickpeas

Put that can of chickpeas to good use with this list of easy ways to use chickpeas every day! From meal prep snacks to decadent dinner recipes, I've got it all with just humble and nutritious chickpeas!


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  1. andrea says:

    Is there anything a chick pea can’t do? Don’t forget aquafava (liquid from can replaces egg whites – truly amazing)

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    Amazing collection of recipes all centered on the chickpea!! Thank you for sharing

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  3. 大学 says:

    Did you have a gf pizza base recipe….?

    • Gavin |188bet体育杰西卡在厨房里 says:

      Hi Colleen I’m so sorry we don’t have one. But we’ll add that to the list of upcoming recipes this summer.

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  5. Jay Jackson. says:

    My mouth literally watered the whole time reading this article !! Thank you !!!


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